Replacing a headlight bulb (2001 Audi A4)

My 2001 Audi A4’s headlight bulb (driver’s side) burned out and I replaced it myself. It took me a very long time until I figured out how to remove the headlight assembly, so I’m putting some pictures here for your information.

There are three bolts (circled): two on the top and one on the bottom. The bottom one is hard to find when the headlight assembly is in place, but you can see it through the hole (arrow). You can unscrew them by using T30 Torx driver. Be careful not to lose the bolt when you unscrew the third one.
From slightly different angle.
To detach the wire connectors from the assembly, you need to press the tab (arrow) and pull. The tab is facing the bottom side and you cannot see, so it can be a little difficult.
Another connector near the side. This one is easier to detach.
Removed headlight assembly. These two wire connectors above were connected to the circled sockets. To replace the bulb, you need to open the cover in the center by unlocking the wire holder (arrow).
Front view. I’m trying to replace this bulb (arrow).
When you open the cover, you see the back of the bulb. The socket can be detached just by pulling it lightly.
After detaching the socket, release the lock by pressing it from left (arrow).
Removing the burnt bulb.
From the side. It’s not clear, but the filament is burnt out.
Get a new bulb, insert it, connect the socket, close the cover, re-connect two connectors, insert the assembly in its original position, tighten the three bolts, and you’re done!

Here are some links that I found, with my comments:

  • 2000 Audi a4 headlight bulb replacement

    • First solution by Jeremy Dellow is helpful: there are three bolts and finding the third one is difficult. Nigel Tufnel says there’s no need to remove the assembly, but it looks impossible (at least for the driver side) to replace the bulb without completely removing the assembly, as there’s not enough space behind it.
  • Audi S4 Headlight O-Ring Upgrade
    • This article is actually not about replacing the bulb, but it explains how to remove the headlight assembly. However, it is about 2005 S4 and the number and location of screws are different. Removing the wiring harnesses is in the same way and it is helpful.
  • Audi A4 Headlight replacement

    • Has link to the above blog article. As one person says, I don’t think you need to disconnect the battery, but I believe you need to remove the entire housing.

6 thoughts on “Replacing a headlight bulb (2001 Audi A4)

  1. paul says:

    very helpfull thankyou for your time to show us

  2. Sam says:

    Thank you for your time

  3. Christian says:

    Thanks for taking your time to upload this. Extremely helpful!

  4. Javarri says:

    – Hello , what do I do when my socket ( the plug for my bulb ) gets burnt out ? Its all burnt inside and the wires are ripped . Do I just need a new socket ? PART # please

  5. brian says:

    thxns for this. 🙂 searching to install HID kit.. but as far as replacing the bulb. i didn’t have to remove the whole assembly, just the caps for the bulb and extra air intake plastic piece on the passenger side. though it was an act of twist and turns. lol… Thanks again.

  6. Paul says:

    Hi – Just tried Brian’s method – it works. No need to take headlight off, just unscrew two little screws on top at right-side and the air intake lifts off with a litle pull on left hand side. Then you can get to headlight casing and carefully pop off the wire ring, lift out bulb, new one in. Make sure air intake clicks back into place and you’re done

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